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Murlac offers a wide range of Life Jackets and PFD ( personal flotation devices) , for hire and sale. Our trained and experienced staff are able to advise you on which is the most suitable for your project.

Lifejackets for hire are not a one fits all. For example you would need a manual inflation lifejacket for an operator working within the cab of an excavator near water rather than an auto inflate lifejacket.

Lifejackets for hire from Murlac are available with a range of options such as safety harnesses and welding jackets to ensure that the most suitable lifejacket is provided. Murlac provides lifejackets for one day events all the way through to long term contracts where a full maintenance programme is required.

Unlike other lifejacket hire providers, Murlac checks each and every lifejacket fully as a full inspection and maintenance prior to being issued to your operators.


  • Hire & Sale at competitive rates
  • 150N – 275N Auto/Manual Inflation Life jackets and PFDs
  • Full fleet management for your lifejackets
  • Range of options and styles
  • All equipment is fully inspected and tested prior to issue


Murlac is able to offer the Rescue3 Lifejacket Competent User Training Course, which is a half day training course delivered at your site or premises. This is one of a number of courses available for improving safety when working on or around water.


This is a personal safety device which, when fully inflated (if inflatable), will provide sufficient buoyancy to turn and support even an unconscious person face upwards. These must be worn at all times whilst working on boats and as there is a possible risk of drowning when working in/near water.

All persons required to use PPE including life jackets and or safety harness must shall be instructed in their correct use, pre use checks (e.g.: gas cylinder not ruptured) and storage. All personnel should also be briefed on the rescue arrangements.

Life Jackets are available for hire and sale, so contact us for any queries.