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At Murlac we understand that working in or near water can be a complex task, not only is the challenge of construction to be navigated but the combination of environmental, safety, water management and unpredictable weather make the obstacles seem overwhelming.

We offer a full turnkey solutions, providing hire and installation services across the UK, providing trained operatives with construction and industry accreditation as standard.

Providing portable temporary dams otherwise know as temporary cofferdams and facilitating works in water has grown to become our core business. We hire and install safe working solutions that allow our clients and contractors to focus on their task. We aim to work in conjunction with our clients, using our experience and understanding to provide the most effective damming solution for their requirements.

We have three main systems available for installation and hire; the WaterDam, the Frame Dam and the GeoDam. We also offer bespoke systems and are always actively seeking new and innovative methods for controlling water courses. By liaising closely with our clients and conducting in depth surveys we are able to offer expert advice, and solutions.

All of our temporary dams have stabilty calculations and temporary works designs


Murlac GeoDams, sometimes referred to as water dams, sausage dams or inflatable dams. GeoDams are a water inflatable temporary damming solution, constructed from woven Geotextile material with two polythene or PVC tube inner liners, which when filled with water create a hydrostatic water tight seal using the weight of the water itself. The internal water filled tubes prevent the GeoDam from rolling.

GeoDam water filled temporary dams are manufactured by Murlac  using a range of geotextile, Polythene and PVC materials and are available in a range of sizes depending on the site requirements. Our GeoDam water filled dams are available for both hire or sale and are readily available from stock in a range of sizes or custom units can be made quickly if required. We will not be beaten on quality and price.

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Murlac’s ‘A’ Frame Temporary Dams, is the latest addition to our product range. The Frame dam was developed in house, where every ones experience was brought together to design and build a temporary damming system which could be quickly installed in a wide range of different scenarios that have presented themselves to us over the years. The system has been tested in the majority of different conditions, for example, high levels of silt, fast flows, and concrete channels.

Murlac’s ‘A’ frame dams are manufactured in house. This enables us to have strict controls on quality of the product that is being sent to site. Both elements of the dam can be made at Murlac. Our years of working with PVC materials has given us a deep understanding about how this material is going to act and be effected in water.

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The Water Dam Temporary Cofferdam system is a standalone portable dam which is easy to transport, install and remove. The Water Dam from Murlac is ideal for creating dry working areas in rivers, lakes and canals as well as diverting water to reduce flow rates to allow work to be undertaken.

The Murlac Water Dam is a self contained structure, designed to control and divert water. Our Water Dam is manufactured from a heavy weight nylon reinforced material. Our material is three times as strong as our competitors, although our prices are very competitive.

Stability for the Murlac Water Filled Dams is created by either one or two integral baffles which are fixed to the top and bottom of the cofferdam. When water is present only on one side of the dam, the baffle locks and prevents the cofferdam from rolling. The inner baffle(s) inside the Water Dam is the key behind why the dam works.

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  • Range of controlled water depths up to 1.8m
  • Any length available
  • multiple dam units can be joined together overlapped to create any distance you require.


  • Depth up to 2.5m
  • Available at any length
  • Increased stability in comparison to other temporary dams
  • Full Temporary Works Design & Calculations
  • Site specific calculation can be arranges for infrastructure projects such as; railways, roads and power stations.
  • Can be used in flowing water


  • Range of controlled water depths up to 1.8m
  • Any length available
  • Leaves the surfaces underneath undisturbed
  • Multiple dams can be joined together, meaning a flexible layout or specific design can be achieved


  • Worldwide shipping
  • Nationwide Installation and Removal Service
  • Full Temporary Works Design & Calculations
  • Site specific calculation can be arranges for infrastructure projects such as; railways, roads and power stations
  • 24 hour technical advice to support any ongoing projects


To ensure that Murlac can service the needs off its customers, we have a large stock hold ready for immediate dispatch, using either our own internal transport or a third party courier. Orders placed before 4pm can be dispatched the same day for next day delivery within the UK, or within 72 hours in the USA and within days worldwide.