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Murlac Silt Fencing is ideal for a number of different applications. Specifically intended to control the movement of soil, Murlac Silt Fencing prevents sediment build-up in rivers, streams and other water courses.  As required by EU Legislation, Murlac Silt Fencing can be part of a solution to help maintain land in satisfactory environmental condition.

Being made of a woven, porous, UV stable membrane, Murlac Silt Fencing allows water to pass through whilst retaining and preventing sediment build-up.

With an easy to install design, Murlac Silt Fencing has specifically designed venting areas and marker lines for optimum burial depth.

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Roll Size Tensile Strength Pore Size Opening Material Weight  Roll Weight  Water Flow l/m2/sec
90cm x 100m 17 kN/m 180 microns 110 gsm 10 kg 6


Murlac also supplies timber posts, galvanized fixing nails and protective washers. Please contact us on 03300 439 439 to order these.