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Murlac Marine Plant & Equipment – Barges and Work Boats

MurlacĀ specialises in providing a wide range of marine plant and equipment for charter at competitive rates. Fully operated or self-operated with full technical and operational support. Murlac marine plant is available in Europe with excellent mobilisation timescales and rates. Call Murlac today and see how we can assist on your next project.


23.0m x 11.0m

Spudleg Pontoon

Capable of Self Propulsion

2 x 18m & 1 x 15m Spud Legs



15.02m x 6.0m


Hydraulic Crane rated at 2.1 tonnes SWL at 9.6m




14.02m x 6.0m


Hydraulic Crane rated at 4.9tonnes SWL at 4.1m





27.0m x 9.30m,

1.1m Draft

8 tonne Bollard Pull

Accommodation for 10



Camber Deck Spud Barge

26.0m x 11.6m x 2.5m

2 x 18m Spud Legs

Max Deadweight 200t

For more information and to discuss your floating marine plant and equipment needs contact the Murlac team today