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Murlac Modular Floating Pontoons are available for both Hire and Sale. We make it our priority to work closely with our clients in order to provide a huge variety of floating modular pontoons, for both commercial and private hire and sales. We have a broad range of expertise ranging from floating walkways, work access bridges and floating vehicle platforms to pontoons for weddings, sports events, staging and on-set filming. Our team is CSCS and safety boat qualified allowing them to offer a fully flexible, bespoke, turnkey service at competitive rates.


  • Any size configuration
  • Range of Hand Rail and Edge Protection Systems available
  • Full Design Calculations and Loading’s
  • Range of colours for safety and corporate branding
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Murlac can deliver and install pontoons & can also supply saftey boat cover


  • Consultation and Design
  • Hire & Sale
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Worldwide Installation and Removal Service


Commercial Overview

Murlac provides a wide selection of floating modular pontoons and floating walkways, for use in all areas of commercial business. Our team has the advantage of CSCS training and qualification, allowing our clients to fully rely on their skills and aptitude in transporting and constructing all aspects of a floating pontoon, floating platform and a range of walkways and bridges.

Floating Work Platforms

Murlac floating pontoon hire has a large number of floating pontoon modules available on demand, anywhere in the UK or Europe. This allows us to undertake all projects, regardless of the size requirement for each pontoon or platform. The module design of each pontoon piece allows for Murlac floating pontoon hire to construct a floating access route in, under, through or around bridges, harbours, riverbanks, piers, locks and jetties. Murlac has the solution to these unsafe or difficult access points, building temporary walkways and gangways to complement our floating pontoons.

Our expertise allows us to assess each job on a case-by-case basis, permitting our team to advise and construct floating platforms at the exact buoyancy required. In turn, this allows inspections and repairs, as well as scaffold works, to be carried out efficiently and effectively without extra concern on the part of our clients. Should an area of repair work be especially challenging to reach, our fully qualified team is able to attach and operate outboard motors to our floating platforms. This feature allows us to provide a fully manoeuvrable service, finding solutions to all seemingly impossible situations.

Pump Pontoons and Pipe Floats

Murlac floating pontoon hire are able to provide modular floating pump pontoon solutions to satisfy specific weight, rigor and stability requirements. Our pontoon modules are high-density, blow-moulded polyethylene cubes providing necessary durability, adaptability and stability. Murlac’s range of walkways, fixed jetties and bridges combine to create a fully comprehensive service for all industrial floating pump platform purposes.

In addition, Murlac offer a variety of pipe floats, for all industrial and commercial use, including water quarrying, dredging, aquaculture and marine application, to name a few. Our floating pipe moulds are rotomoulded using the same high impact material as our floating pontoon modules. They are quickly and easily installed by our expert team, who maintain all necessary safety and operational qualifications to complete the job proficiently start to finish.

Floating Bridges for Vehicles

Murlac floating pontoon hire floating modular platforms are extremely versatile allowing for superb buoyancy, strength and functionality. When floating pontoons are applied as vehicle bridges, these features are put to the ultimate test. The durability and buoyancy combined with our innovative module connection couplers creates a system that withstands high-pressure environments whilst maintaining stability. This forms the ideal solution for all heavy-duty industrial works, taking place on or around water.

Floating Boat Ports

Murlac’s floating boat ports can be designed and constructed swiftly and competently, to create a professional-looking floating port, with aesthetic charm. Our robust polyethylene modules and bespoke connection components allow for a cost effective, resilient product that can endure most weather conditions, whilst effectively protecting your boat. Due to our advanced modular system, additional walkways and floating pontoons can be added or taken away, to enhance user experience.

Pens for Aquaculture

Murlac floating modular pontoons can be used to contain aquaculture, for use on fish farms and other commercial aquatic animal use. We supply a range safety boats and rescue trained operatives, who can configure holding pens, large and small, to contain a variety of marine life. Our hard wearing, floating modules allow aquatic pens to be erected in virtually all water conditions, whilst maintaining a secure enclosure.

Floating Film Platforms and Sets

Murlac floating pontoon hire can supply a variety of floating platforms and tenders to meet all filming and television requirements. Our modular floating pontoons can be configured and constructed in record time, to fit the time constraints of any and all productions, whether they be high profile film sets, short television series, fashion show catwalks and runways or long term photography platforms. Our team is fully flexible and available 24 hours a day to set up, move and dismantle floating platforms, in all terrains and environments.

All filming equipment and props can be catered to, with a fully qualified team well placed to advise on levels of buoyancy required to attain the right look and stability of any set or platform.

Murlac floating pontoon hire is fully equipped with a fleet of vehicles, ready to transport large quantities of our modular floating systems to all job sites, within the UK and Europe. This alleviates extra concern for our clients, who feel at ease with the knowledge that we provide a reliable, cost effective, all-encompassing service. Our commitment is such that we consider a job done only when the client is fully satisfied and our expertise is no longer required.

Events Overview

Murlac floating pontoons and platforms are available both for public and private event hire. Our pontoon hire system works perfectly for large public events where high-capacity walkways, bridges or stages are required to withhold thousands of pedestrians. These floating platforms are ideal for festivals, concerts, advertising or promotional shows, wildlife shows, fireworks displays and sporting events. In addition to major public events, our modular pontoons are ideal for private events such as parties, weddings, discos and other important ceremonies or occasions.

Our expert team is on hand to design and construct an effective, aesthetic structure that meets the needs of each of our clients. With each job, our team will carefully assess the requirements of the project, determining the buoyancy level required to withstand anticipated footfall, whilst also taking into account the water conditions and visual aspects. Public or private, our floating pontoons and platforms can be assembled in most water conditions, including lakes, rivers, canals, ponds, swimming pools and even the sea.

Weddings, Discos and Ceremonies

Special occasions can be made extra special with features like floating pontoons or platforms. At Murlac floating pontoon hire, we understand the personal aspect of private events such as weddings, parties and other important ceremonies, such as christenings.

Our team works closely with our clients to share their vision for an event. We combine our expertise in safety and floating modular pontoon construction to create a truly magical setting, using water, floating pontoons and elevated platforms. Safety is something we take very seriously at Murlac floating pontoon hire and it is of up-most importance to us that the necessary precautions are taken when organising floating platforms in water. Our team works to the highest safety standards to ensure the smooth, safe set up and running of all weddings, discos, parties and other ceremonies, taking place on or around water.

Concerts and Stages

Whether a stage is to be erected in water or on land, Murlac can provide the expertise and commitment to get the job done proactively and efficiently. Our individual modular system means floating pontoons or platforms can be constructed in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The durable, UV protected polyethylene cubes means they can withstand a great deal of pressure and stress, as well as the weight of production sets, band equipment, backstage apparatus, lighting and speakers.

Our team is available 24 hours a day to give advice on the set up and safety monitoring for all stages and floating platforms. Safety is our priority and we are certified to ensure health and safety checks are carried out regularly.

Floating Fireworks Platforms

Fireworks displays are made all the more spectacular when positioned above water. An unbridled vantage point combined with the reflection of colours, creates a truly enchanting occasion. At Murlac floating pontoon hire, we understand our clients’ aspirations to create stunning, memorable events. For us, this means precision in planning, health and safety and expert execution.

Our floating fireworks platforms and fireworks pontoons are constructed skilfully and inconspicuously to enhance the effects of water fireworks displays. Our modular floating platforms can be arranged to the specifications of the site, using external connecting pins to achieve the shape and size required, whilst using a combination of anchor fixing eyes and cleats to ensure a steady, secure platform for the fireworks and technicians. Our team works closely with event coordinators and clients to ensure a safe, elegant event.

Promotional Advertising and Shows

Murlac floating pontoon hire works meticulously with companies to help construct floating platforms, runways, walkways and display pontoons for specific promotional events or advertising campaigns. Our versatile modular pontoons can be positioned in such a way that any manner of shapes- both horizontal and vertical- can be achieved. Our pontoons and platforms can also be covered with a range of materials and carpets to create a specific look, for either a runway or viewing platform, allowing novel concepts to become a reality.

Our modular systems can be branded with company logos and promotional slogans and strap lines, to help with all marketing and advertising purposes. Again, safety is a priority at Murlac floating pontoon hire and our team is fully qualified to install and monitor all types of platforms and pontoons at major events.

Sporting Events

Murlac floating pontoon hire modular pontoons and floating platforms can be used for a wide range of sporting events, from triathlons and sailing races to tough mudders and obstacle courses. Our expert team is able to help design specific pontoons for all types of sports events and races.

The floating modules can be manoeuvred and built as sunken ramps for swimmers entering and exiting the water, drinks and nutrition pontoons, VIP viewing platforms and floating platforms for diving purposes. The pontoons can be constructed quickly, in any shape or size and with varied stability depending on its intended purpose. The flexibility of our floating pontoons means we can meet the requests and requirements of almost all sporting events, with maximum safety and efficiency.