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Temporary CofferDams | Floating Pontoons | Silt Curtains Silt Dewatering Tubes | Safety Boat Services & much more

At Murlac we understand the challenges faced when working on or around water. Our experience in the design, manufacture and installation and operation of our range of systems and solutions makes Murlac the market leading in providing safe, cost effective and environmentally friendly solutions. Our core range includes: Temporary CofferDams and Portable Dams | Modular Floating Pontoons | Floating Silt & Turbidity Curtains | Silt Dewatering Tubes | Safety Boat Services & much more

Murlac Environmental Solutions Nationwide

Murlac offers a comprehensive range of environmental products and a full turn key design, manufacture, installation and removal service worldwide operating from Tamworth, UK as well as through a specialised dealer network. We offer an unrivaled product and service range.

Temporary CofferDams

Temporary Frame CofferDams and Water Filled Temporary Cofferdams for both Hire & Sale Worldwide

Floating Silt Curtains

Murlac offers a wide range of Floating Silt Curtain options for both Hire & Sale Worldwide

Floating Pontoons

Our Modular Floating Pontoons are unique and unrivalled when it comes to price and quality available for both Hire & Sale Worldwide

Silt Management & Silt Tubes

Murlac provide a full Silt Management Solution from Silt Socks and Silt Tubes, to Surface Water Management Solutions


Whether you need to divert a river, create a dry working area using a temporary dam, contain sediment in the water using a silt curtain, access on the water for a bridge inspections or a swimming event and need a floating pontoon or even a safety boat, contact Murlac today and see what we can do

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